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SEO and accessibility

Author: root 22.04.2010

Papoo puts a very clear focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility (handicapped accessible implementation) of the content to enable your website to attract a maximum number of visitors.SEO

SEO and accessibility

Search engine optimization and accessibility are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other perfectly. What is good for indexing by search engines is usually also good for blind users who can have your website read to them.

Success and social responsibility

In this way, economic success, accessibility and social responsibility can be combined in an optimal way.

SEO features of Papoo

Papoo offers you a number of very well coordinated features to bring your website optimally to the front in search engines.

Each content can be optimally prepared for accessibility with headings, meta information and speaking URLs. Furthermore you can link all contents comfortably with one click and build up a high link density on your website and much more.

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